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External Internships


External Internship

The external Internship allow to apply in the professional field the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the subjects studied in the Faculty and, because of their applied nature, favor the approach to the world of work. In them, the student will know the professional reality of the degree under the tutelage of a professional of the work center and a professor of the Faculty.


1. What requirements do I have to carry out the external internship?

    In order to be able to follow external internship, it is necessary to meet the requirements established in the respective verified or accredited reports of the degrees and to be enrolled in the corresponding internship subjects.

    2. Will I have a tutor at the external center?

      Yes. The external internship of the Faculty should have two tutors: an academic tutor and an external tutor. The academic tutor will be a professor of the Faculty. The external tutor will be a professional designated by the External Center.

      3. Can I do the external internship in summer?

      Yes. It is possible to carry out external internship in the first semester, in the second or in the summer.

      4. When should I apply for the external center?

      At the beginning of each academic year there will be an act of public call to assign the internship centers. In that act it is necessary to request the desired center. Extraordinarily, a second call will be made after the official enrollment extension period.

      5. Who is the External Internship Officer of the Faculty?

      The External Internship Officer is the person designated by the Dean to coordinate the external internship management process. At present this function is performed by the Deputy Dean of Academic Planning.

      6. What documents do I need to prepare during the internship?

      During the development of the internship process, three documents are required:

      1. The Formative Plan (D011) (before the beginning of the external internship)
      2. The Interim Monitoring Report (D012) (during the internship)
      3. The Internship Report (at the end of the internship)

      7. How are external internship evaluated?

        External internship is evaluated by the academic tutor, who will be based on two documents: the evaluation report on the development of the internship issued by the external tutor and the internship memory developed by the student.

        8. Can I do internship at the institution where I work?

        No. According to the Regulations of Internship of the Faculty a student who wants to do the internship should not have any contractual relationship with the company, institution or public or private entity in which he will carry out the internship, unless expressly authorized by the Committee of Internships.

        9. Can I validate the internship by professional experience?

        Yes. Those students who maintain or have had an employment relationship with an institution may apply for recognition of internship credits (External Internships Rule, article 3). Two requirements must be met:

        1. The work developed must adapt to the requirements and competencies established in the title memory;
        2. The work activity must have been performed for a period of time equivalent to or greater than the period to be validated.

        Together with the request, all appropriate supporting documents will be presented. In the case of degrees in which the external intership is divided into several subjects, the request for recognition of credits must be joint for all of them, and competences and experience must be accredited for the total number of internship credits..

        The validation of applications for validation is the responsibility of the Faculty Quality Assurance Commission, which may delegate this function to the Committee of Internships.

        10. If I validate the internship, what calification will appear on my file?

        The recognition of professional credits for professional activities implies that no qualification will be incorporated into the file, for which reason those credits will not be computed for the purposes of weigh curriculum (Regulation of Recognition of Credits of UEx, article 3.5).

        11. Am I insured during the internship?

        Students in internship will be covered by the School Insurance and the Civil Liability and Accident Insurance that the University of Extremadura signs with the corresponding insurance company. However, those over 28, who are no longer eligible for School Insurance, and foreign students must formally and individually formalize their own Accident and Liability Insurance with any insurer, as well as students of The University of Extremadura who carry out the internship abroad.

        12. How can you sign an internship agreement?

        The signature of agreements of internships corresponds to the Vicerrectorado with competences in that matter (at the moment the Vicerrectorado of Students and Employment). For more information it is advisable to contact the External Internship Officer of the Faculty.