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Extracurricular Internships


The extracurricular external practices are those that the student does voluntarily to improve his training. They are carried out in institutions with which, in a habitual way, the student contacts directly. In any case, there must be an educational collaboration agreement between the institution and the UEx.

Students interested in extracurricular practice must present two documents:

  1. Application for extracurricular internship (D006).
  2. The extracurricular internship sheet (D007), which will include the signature of the academic tutor (preferably a professor of the UEx who teaches in the same degree), the approval of the RPE and the approval of the person in charge of the external entity.

Both documents will be presented in the Dean's Office, within the established deadlines, always after the publication of the offer of curricular internship centers, and the assigntation will be direct. The adjudication of extracurricular practices can never mean the reduction of the offer of curricular internships, since the curricular internships take precedence over the extracurricular ones.

Once the internship is completed, two documents must be submitted to the center's Secretariat:

  1. The student must submit a certificate issued by the company and validated by its academic tutor.
  2. The academic tutor must submit an accreditation of the internship carried out (D017) for incorporation into the academic record of the student and its inclusion in the European Supplement to the Title. This document should include the basic characteristics of the practices carried out: company name, dates and duration, activities developed and overall valuation.