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PCEO Audiovisual Communication / Information and Documentation


First course

Code Subject
502271 Documentary Analysis
502269 Archival Science
500343 Journalistic Communication I
500344 Information and Communication Law
502268 Digital Editing
502274 Background Information and Documentation
500345 Management and Administration in Mass Media Companies and News Units
500346 Communication Skills
500340 Information Society
500347 English
502266 Introduction to Documentary Statistics
500341 Introduction to Information Technology and Communication
500342 Theory of Communication and Information

Second course

Code Subject
502273 Descriptive Cataloging
500353 Corporate and Internal Communication
500354 Journalistic Communication II
502276 Sources of Information and Information Resources
502278 Database Fundamentals and Design
500356 Cinematographic History and Theory
500349 Corporate Image and Identity
502275 Introduction to Quantitative Methods of Information
502272 Documentary Languages
502277 Collection Management
502270 Organization and Description of Files
500350 Audiovisual Technology
500351 Audiovisual Communication Theory

Tercer curso

Código Asignatura
502287 Network Analysis in Information and Documentation
502281 Automated Cataloging
500370 Design and Management of  Web Sites
500358 Mass Media Information Management
500364 Ethics and Audiovisual Communication Deontology
500355 Evolution of the Iconic Representations
502280 Specialized Sources of Information
502282 Records Management
500357 Audiovisual Narrative I
502286 Advanced Processing of Information
502285 Information Retrieval
502284 Information Services
500352 Theory and Technique of Audiovisual Language

Cuarto curso

Código Asignatura
500363 Digital Communication: Media and Advertising
500348 Audiovisual System Structure
502288 Evaluation of Scientific Activity
500365 History, Theory and Technical of Photography
500360 Assembly and Editing and Video and Audio I
500366 Assembly and Editing and Video and Audio II
500361 Audiovisual Narrative II
502283 Planning, Audit and Evaluation of Information Units
502279 Policies and Information Systems
502296 External Internships I (INDO)
502455 External Internships II (INDO)
500367 Audiovisual Programming
502297 Final Project (INDO)

Quinto Curso

Código Asignatura
500359 Screenplay
500380 External Internships I (CAV)
External Internships II (CAV)
500368 Making Radio
500379 Performance in Television
500381 Final Project (CAV)
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