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Final Dissertation


What is the Final Project or Final Dissertation?

In the curricula of all the official academic titles that are taught in the Faculty, both of degree and of master, is included a subject of 6 credits denominated respectively "Final Project of Degree" (TFG) or "Final Project of Master" ( TFM).

The TFG / TFM involves the student performing an original work, under the guidance of a tutor, in which the content and skills acquired in the degree or masters are applied and developed, demonstrating that the competences provided in the corresponding curriculum are reached.

It will be done in the last course of studies and will conclude with the public defense of the original work.

It may consist of theoretical, experimental, numerical, computational, review and bibliographical research projects, projects of a professional nature in the field of degree, works of artistic creation, works on documentary sources or other works not adjusted to the previous modalities, which must be approved in advance by the Quality Commission of the corresponding degree. To expand this information, see the "Finale Project Regulations" of our Center.