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Faculty Quality Manual

The Quality Manual of the Faculty of Sciences of the Documentation and the Communication constitutes the global frame that defines the general operation of the Internal System of Guarantee of Quality (SGIC) of the Faculty. It establishes the structure of the SGIC, the processes that comprise it, the policy and general objectives of quality that are intended to be achieved, and the global mechanisms for modifying and updating the manual itself. Due to its nature, it is configured as the basic reference document to achieve the implementation and development of the Center's SGIC.

The Quality Manual must be reviewed whenever there is a renewal of the channel equipment; whenever relevant changes occur in the organization, structure and regulations of the Faculty that must be registered; or as a result of SGIC assessments that require modification. Its review corresponds to the Responsible of the SGIC, who will work in collaboration with the Decanal Team following the guidelines established by the Vice Dean with competence in quality matters. It must be approved by the Quality Assurance Committee of the Center and by the Faculty Board.