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Processes of the FCDyC




The processes, and the corresponding regulatory procedures, constitute the key element of the Quality Assurance System of our Faculty. The processes included in this section have been developed by the Vice-Rector responsible for Quality and the FDyC, taking into account the quality criteria and the guidelines established by ANECA in the AUDIT program. In the upper horizontal menu it is possible to find the following information:



  • In the first link, the process map of the FDyC is presented, in which there are two large sets of processes and procedures: first, the dependents of the Rectorate and the Central Services of the UEx and, secondly, the dependents from the center.
  • In the second link it is possible to access the detailed information of each of the processes currently in force at our Faculty. In the case of the processes of the FDyC it is possible to obtain detailed information on the following aspects: procedure, annexes, evidence of execution, previous editions, follow-up questionnaires, indicators and access to the corresponding web section.
  • In the third link you access the Master List of Documents of the SGIC of the FDyC. The Master List of Documents contains the basic documents of the system: the Quality Manual and the regulatory documents of the processes and procedures.
  • The fourth link allows access to the Records Control Sheet, in which it is possible to find the description of the evidence of the implementation of the processes, provided, provided there is no legal restriction, access to them.
  • The fifth link presents the Change Control Sheet, which shows, in a synthetic way, the versions of the documents of the SGIC of the FDyC that have existed over time.
  • Finally, the sixth link refers to the schedule of activities of the SGIC.