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Welcome to the University Centre of Merida

Welcome to the University Centre of Merida (CUM), one of the four campus of the University of Extremadura, located in the autonomous community of Extremadura and in the western central Spain.

The CUM is a dynamic centre in which we give training in the most market demanded degrees and oriented to the professional world. Our mission aims to serve the society and offer teaching, research and services that meet the expectations and the development of all members of our university community.

To work on the social, economic and technological development of our society, the personal development of our students and to facilitate their vocational integration into the labour market, the University Centre has as principal objectives two of the great challenges of the current society:

  • Professionals’ training with specific competences that respond to the needs of the global world and promote entrepreneurship and an integrative, ethical, and social attitude.
  • Transfer of knowledge through applied research promoting the social, intellectual and technical development of our environment.

To get the aforementioned objectives, the University Centre of Merida offers:

  • A global university education, oriented to the student’s adaptation to the work environment and their personal development.
  • Academic quality and individualized monitoring based on:
    • Customized education supporting the students at all times of their learning process, training not only good professionals in their field but also citizens who are capable and committed to the challenges of today’s society.
    • The development of curriculum adapted to the guidelines of the European Higher Education Area.
    • Teaching in small groups to keep the schedule of the programmed tutoring hours, the so called ECTS.
    • Development of the Tutorial Action Plan (PAT), it is a mentoring programme which promotes communication and interrelations between students and educators, to identify the main formative needs and to encourage the development of academic and professional skills.
    • A clear commitment defined by the Internship companies to bring university studies closer to the needs and demands of the work environment and to improve employability rates.
    • Commitment to the internationalization. The University Centre of Mérida offers exchange programmes with higher education institutions (national and international) in each of our fields: the design, the ICTs, the engineering and the health sciences.
    • Strong commitment to the training in cross-curricular competences. Teaching innovation based on the execution of projects that promotes active participation, interdisciplinary collaboration, team work, leadership, the development of critical thinking, ethical, social and environmental commitment, and training in the ICTs.
    • Foreign languages teaching. Our curricula are designed to let undergraduates acquire English language competences according to the recommendations of the European Portfolio of Languages. Furthermore, we offer complementary teaching in other foreign languages such as Portuguese and German.
    • Use of teaching platforms (Virtual Campus) to support face-to-face instruction and log on social networks to have better student-teacher and student-society communication.
    • Commitment to continuous learning (Lifelong Learning) through a wide range of postgraduate courses and continuous training.
    • Blended teaching offer through telematics tools. We work in the creation of teaching spaces and compatible timetables with the work activity of our graduates in order to approach, like in the case of our adaptation courses to the degrees, to the concept of Personal University, which allows combining face-to-face teaching and online depending on the students’ needs.
    • Possibility to enrol in double degrees in and outside the University Centre.

Our curricula have been designed and are subject to continuous revisions due to the demands of the different professional sectors, in this way, our graduates receive the training demanded by the society and the present job market.




University Centre of Merida
Santa Teresa de Jornet Avenue, 38
06800 - Merida (Badajoz)

Telephone: +34 924 289 300 extension 82500 (Administrative Building) /82515 (Antonio Castillo Building)
Fax: +34 924 301 212




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