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One of the objectives of the University Centre of Mérida is the intensification of the international cooperation through students and other members of the university community’s exchange.



The University Centre of Mérida participates in a broad array of mobility programmes signed by the University of Extremadura, those worth mentioning are:

  • ERASMUS (Studies and internships)

25 years of Erasmus programme

  • SICUE - Séneca

For further information about the mobility programmes, visit the Secretariat Web:

We are currently governed by the regulating law of mobility programmes of the University of Extremadura, passed 12 August 2011. Regarding the novelties gathered with respect to previous regulations, those worth mentioning are:

  • The need of language level accreditation established by universities, enterprises or receiving organizations aiming at guaranteeing academic progress during the stay.
  • Credit validation of Erasmus practice/internship.
  • To have passed 60 credits minimum from the curriculum to which the mobility is applied.
  • The internship can be validated as the Practicum, external internship or free election credits.


Main destinations


To know the main destinations of ERASMUS and SICUE programmes eligible by our undergraduates by degree and curriculum, click here.

Among our associated American universities which develop programmes such as AMERICAMPUS-BANCAJA and CRUE-SANTANDER, we highlight:


For further information about other exchange programmes with LATIN-AMÉRICA, click in (MAEC-AECID):




For further information, contact the coordinator of the Mobility Programmes of the Centre (University Centre of Merida):

Dr. Mercedes Rico García
University Centre of Merida
Santa Teresa de Jornet Avenue, 38
06800 Merida (Badajoz)
Telephone/Fax: 34 924387499


The Secretariat of International Relations ( has its headquarters in:




Usos Múltiples Building

Avda. de la Universidad s/n
Campus Universitario
10003 Caceres

Telephone: +34 927 25 70 16
Fax: +34 927 25 70 17




"Antiguo Comedor" Building
Avda. de Elvas s/n
06071 Badajoz
Telephone: +34 924 28 93 73
Fax: +34 924 28 93 74


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