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RD 1393/2007, of October 29 (BOE 30/10/2007), modified by R.D. 861/2010, of July 2 (BOE 03/07/2010), establishes the new arrangement of university education, which are structured in three cycles called degree, master and doctorate, allowing that the second cycle (master) can constitute the period of formation of the new Doctorate Programs, while the third cycle (doctorate) has as main objective the realization of the doctoral thesis and does not include more regulated education than that one that each university, in the use of its autonomy, can establish. The doctorate teachings are at the base of one of the main academic activities of the university: research.




The Master's Degree in Research in Engineering and Architecture (MUIIyA) is a master's degree of research orientation that aims to offer all graduates of the Engineering and Architecture Branch the possibility of pursuing second cycle studies compatible with their training of origin. These studies, given by prestigious researchers, would place the student in a position to access the third cycle and carry out his doctoral thesis in one of the research lines currently being developed at the University of Extremadura in the field of Engineering and Architecture. The duration is one academic year with a total of 60 ECTS credits, divided into compulsory and optional subjects and organized in two semesters, according to the academic calendar approved by the University of Extremadura.

Structure of the training program

The following picture shows the modules that make up the MUIIyA structure, as well as the European credits assigned to each of them and the main competences of each module::






The MUIIyA is taught in the four centers of the UEX responsible for the teaching of engineering and architecture:

The master has 4 different specialties:


    Implementation Calendar

    The implementation of the curriculum will be carried out year after year, according to the following schedule:

    - 2009-2010 Course: single course


    Student Service Unit

    The main objective of this service is to ensure the full inclusion of students with disabilities and / or with special educational needs in the University, ensuring equal opportunities and trying to adapt as far as possible the teaching processes to their characteristics and needs. To visit their website, clic here.