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The Master in Agronomic Engineering qualifies to develop the profession of Agronomist, conforming to the dispositions established by the Government for that University degree (Orden Ministerial CIN/323/2009, published in B.O.E. February 19th 2009).

The main objective of the Master's Degree is to develop abilities and aptitudes in the students to conceive and execute projects in the field areas of Agricultural Engineering, Agro-Food industries and Horticulture, Gardening and Landscaping. In order to achieve this goal, students should be trained in planning, organizing, directing, designing, projecting, executing and controlling the production systems and processes developed in the agricultural sector and the food industry. This should be done in a framework that guarantees the competitiveness of enterprises and the environment protection and conservation. In addition, the students might propose, lead and carry out research, development and innovation projects in products, processes and methods used in the agricultural and agroindustrial sector.

The curriculum was designed allowing the students´ specialization in five specialties: Technology and Rural Environment Planning, Plant Production Technology, Animal Production Technology, Agro-Food Industry Technology and Agro-Food Business Management.