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The region of Extremadura is situated on the border with Portugal. It is one of the biggest regions in Europe with an area of approximately 41,600 km², equivalent to the total area covered by Belgium. Extremadura is divided into two provinces, Cáceres in the north and Badajoz in the south.


Extremadura is an area of great contrast and is considered to be one of the most important ecological regions of Spain. The north contains areas of gentle hills and rich forestry, Sierra de Gata and Hurdes, which continue on through the fertile valleys of Alagón, Jerte and La Vera, with the tall mountains of Gredos. The east reveals the irrigation land of the Tajo River, the plains of Villuercas, the areas of los Montes and la Serena with the largest internal coastal area of the peninsula which run further to the south, to the agricultural areas of la Campiña. In the north the great plains of Brozas-Alcántara extend to the Sierra de San Pedro and continue through the rich meadows of the Guadiana. In the south the great dehesas (meadows) and plains of Jerez, Tentudía and Hornachos are found.

The historical heritage of the region is, equally, one of the most outstanding of the Iberian Peninsula. Not in vain, both Cáceres and Merida – two of the most important cities of the region – can claim the privilege of being named as cities of World Heritage by UNESCO. Despite being the great “unknown”, Extremadura is a chest of many treasures, just waiting to be discovered.

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