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Greetings from the Rector






This webpage allows readers to find out about the University of Extremadura, as it contains detailed information regarding its structure and the services offered. Created in 1973, UEx is now a dynamic institution, growing continually, which boasts student numbers of over twenty-two thousand. The distribution of the campuses in Badajoz, Cáceres, Merida and Plasencia, cities with a rich historical heritage (two of which are world-heritage), facilitates the spreading of education throughout the region of Extremadura and offers students from outside the chance to take advantage of the privileged geographical location of hospitable and active areas, which are just a stone’s throw away from main cities and the border with Portugal. In this sense, UEx continues with its desire to become a leading centre of appeal to students of Spanish language and culture from other countries. It also aims to be a gateway to Ibero-America, given the historical routes that unite us and the possibilities of virtual teaching.

Its range of degree titles is highly operative and aims to develop the professionals that are demanded by society. As those who browse through the information provided on the different Schools and Faculties will find out, the University combines state-of-the-art disciplines with others of a more traditional nature, taught from a modern perspective, appropriate to European orientations and with growing support from the external work-placements that allow for a smooth transition into the working world. In this way, at UEx it is possible to undertake postgraduate, masters or doctoral studies, taught by prestigious research group members.

We urge those who feel intrigued by UEx to visit these pages, in order to discover what is offered by this University, which is participatory, open to the exterior and willing to prepare its classrooms and laboratories not only for professional experts, but also for those who are critical and committed to its environment. To all of you, please receive my warm welcome.