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Musical Heritage and Education

This group has the overall goal and priority to investigate, expose, interpret and disseminate the musical heritage of Extremadura and cultures related to the community of Extremadura, both in terms of heritage or "cult" as the has been transmitted by oral tradition. Through the research we are developing will establish clear identity of our own social context, history and culture. From the study and definition of these own identity, we simultaneously analyzing the common heritage shared, exchange and syncretism with other communities and other cultures that have lived by geographic proximity and other vicissitudes of history. Extremadura has bequeathed to history the great and important music composers, performers and researchers. Also popular music culture brings a significant and momentous times past, sometimes dating back to ancient times. Our aspirations can be integrated within the principles of UNESCO, the importance of research on multiculturalism ("cultural encounters") in the 7 th Framework Programme of the European Union and the current need and urgent to promote the alliance of civilizations, to promote cultural encounter, multiculturalism, diversity and education in the discovery of the elements of shared cultural heritage, and against all forms of prejudice xenophobic, nationalist or chauvinist and for the construction of values ​​of coexistence, consensus and universality. We believe that to strengthen these values ​​must be done through education and artistic expression, here specifying the knowledge and practice of music and the arts. Therefore the main purpose is also to investigate the heritage itself is through content and tools for education, get to do understand the exchange and syncretism between different countries, produced from the meeting of cultures. And transmitted in the formal, non formal and informal. The analysis across the network and the scientific debate among experts that make up the group (interdisciplinary and international) will serve to review the research tools in these fields and agree on standards and protocols for recording, analysis, museology and the enhancement of the musical heritage of Extremadura and shared with other cultures and religions. The studies we are doing are making public forums and national and international conferences, through publications, analog and digital recordings, audiovisual presentations and a significant sample of it will be turning in Extremadura Musical Heritage Portal. Legacy, research and transmission., which began in 2000 and which requires an urgent update. Also on page, created in 2011 and in the pages that will be created over the entire process, they will be turning the results of the research that we develop


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