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Administrative and Services Staff Board



Mrs MARIA EUGENIA DE GABRIEL MARÍN, was appointed President of the Administrative and Services Staff Board at the incorporation session of the body, held on December 13,  2006.




Address in Cáceres:
Edificio de Rectorado
Plaza de Caldereros s/n
10071 Cáceres

Ext: 1155
Address in Badajoz:
Campus Universitario
Edificio Rectorado
Avda. de Elvas, s/n
06071 Badajoz

Ext: 9194




The Administrative and Services Staff Board of the University of Extremadura was established on December 13, 2006. It is made up by 11 members, five of which belong to CSI·F, 3 to CC.OO. and 3 to UGT. During the incorporation session, Mª Eugenia de Gabriel Marín (CSI·F) was appointed President, Mª Jesús Sierra Folgado (CSI·F) Vice President and Mercedes Collado Maestu (CSI·F) Secretary.




The functions of the Staff Board are those entrusted by law regarding representation bodies, in pursuance of the interests of the workers it represents.<0}