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Online Learning Agreement (OLA) application

Learning Agreement PDF

Steps to fill in the Learning Agreement: subjects, contents, timetables information.



More information:


Please send your OLALearning Agreement in PDF exclusively to your Faculty Academic Coordinator at UEx.

UEx Faculty Academic Coordinator will countersign after your home coordinator’s signature takes place. Negotiations and previous drafts are an exclusive matter of the student and Faculty Academic Coordinator; the International Office will not be involved in the process.

Once you are at UEx and for a couple of weeks, you are invited to attend the courses included in your learning agreement and make the changes you consider necessary into your learning agreement.

If necessary, a new learning agreement will have to be negotiated and signed before officially enrolling at UEx.

If your final learning agreement  includes courses  in more than one Faculty, please consider your main Host Faculty the one where most of your courses are delivered.

Remember your final learning agreement and enrolment must be completed by the end of September (1st semester students) and end of February (2nd semester students).


Special Requirements
Students nominated for Medicine Faculty (Badajoz campus)
Students nominated for Nursing and Occupational Therapy (Cáceres campus)
Students nominated for Mérida and Plasencia centres.


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