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First and Second Semester and annual nomination: will be available from 1st May to 24th May 2022 HERE.

If you got an auto-reply email when doing so, you know it was successful.

Please, Notice that: your nominated students are requested to do the application form right afterwards (info in the nomination auto-reply email). The online application form deadline to be done by the nominees will be from 1st May to 31st May 2022. Failing to do so, sadly, they will not be considered as Erasmus+ at the UEx.


Why UEx, again?


  • · more than 200 Erasmus+ enjoyed their mobility, physically, during 2021/2022
  • · UEx four campuses are considered as student and hospital cities, for their facilities around.
  • · UEx campuses are located in each of the safest and lowest-cost cities in Spain.
  • · Your students have complete freedom to choose any subject from any course level and even from any faculty they want/you need them to
  • ·  Your students´documents will be managed when You need it to
  • ·  We only recommend your students to have a B1 of Spanish, we do not request a certificate for 2022/2023 (exceptions apply for Medicine students, please, see our FactsheetS)
  • ·  We offer a Spanish Course each semester with 4 ECTS/term your students can use in their learning agreements
  • · Your students will be your ambassadors in our videos to send away to all of the other unis around Europe.
  • ·  Our priority is Your mobility.

=> Info for Your potential students to make up their mind and go for the UEx: