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Info 9. Asignaturas impartidas en Inglés

Centres WITH subjects in English (click on them):

Facultad de Educación y Psicología (Badajoz campus)

Facultad de Formación del Profesorado (Cáceres campus)

Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales (Badajoz campus)

Facultad de Veterinaria (Cáceres campus)

Escuela de Ingenierías Agrarias (Badajoz campus)

Facultad de Ciencias de la Documentación y de la Comunicación (Badajoz campus)

For information on the courses from the rest of the centres at UEx, you can check the following list of PALEX or else, ask the academic coordinator in those centres (contacts here).

And..Remember you can mix-and-match!! (except for numerus clausus, certain previous knowledge required…)

PALEX (Foreing language_UEx system)_For information on the courses in Engish from the rest of the centres at UEx, you can check the lists below or else, ask the academic coordinator in those centres (contacts here).

At the University of Extremadura there are,also, 2 different types of English classes, PALEX, that you can take part in:

1. PALEx Advanced or Bilingual:There are the fully bilingual subjects, which are offered in English . They also include classes offered in the English Philology degrees. These subjects offer everything in English: class lectures, class materials and evaluations, professor’s office hours, etc.. You can see the list HERE

    PALEx Intermediate: We offer many classes which can be followed in English to the degree that they could be taken by international students , but whose lectures are not 100% in English. Here students will find subjects from a variety of disciplines where:


  • The course materials, syllabus, and resources are available in English
  • The evaluations (key class activities, exams, etc) can be completed in English
  • Office hours can be given in English upon request
  • Five hours of key class activity will be done in English

    This means that international students with less of little knowledge of Spanish have more course offerings open to them. They can follow the materials and syllabus of these classes, as well as undertake evaluations and activities, in English, and expect to communicate with their professor individually in English, and in class for some activities. This may also be an interesting option for international students who wish to work somewhat in Spanish, while having the security of English resources to help them..You can see the list HERE