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Info 14. Legal Issues


Info Where?

To take into account?

EU citizen´s


It´s all in here!

Police (also check Info 12)


Subdelegación de Gobierno (Extranjería):

You have to go to the Police within the first month of stay. Here you have the information about all the paperwork. pdfdownloadicon244x3001.png

Renting a flat in Spain

(check info 12)

When it comes to rent a flat:

When it comes to sign a contract:

Spanish Law on renting flats:



You might get a very simple contract while in Extremadura.  Not a big issue ;)


Telecommunications´ government:


Network Operators:

There is a varied offer and you will need to have an address in Spain to hire it, for instance.

Bank account

(check Info 12)

Bank of Spain. Legal Branches:

Banks in Europe:



It is not obligatory to open a bank account while you are at UEx.

Health Insurance

(check Info 12)



Medicine or Nursing students:

-          Updated vaccination/immunization schedule has to be sent prior arrival and brought personally, too.

That is to say, all of you will have to have a recent complete serology done in your home country by the time you arrive in Extremadura.

-          Obligatory: Hepatitis B

-          Recommended: postvaccunation antibodies Hepatitis B and VIH. And tethanus-diphtheria.

-          Optional: flu.

If you have a private insurance, get informed on how they work abroad!!

Medicine and Nursing students: differences apply!!

The Hague Apostille

Just in case ;)