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Info 5. Accommodation

The four campuses of the UEx are located in four small cities where private accommodation is easy and affordable to find. It is the best way to get a total inmersión in the city and student life. Regular Spanish students at UEx normally share a flat in the city centre.

There are some halls of residences in each campus, but they do not belong to the UEx. So, in case the student is interested in one of them, he/she will have to contact personal and directly with them through their website info.

The Erasmus Student Network –ESN ( )  can help exchange students  on this, given the case, by orienting them better, as they are students as well.

In Cáceres campus, we have a list of shared flats and such data is sent to the students by email before they arrive here.

Normally, students find a place to live in within two days. Meanwhile, they can stay in a hostal or hostel.

All those listed flats in Cáceres campus are located in the city centre, and student will have to get the bus to go to campus (see “Info 8”).

In Badajoz campus, there is no list of flats to be given, but with the help of the ESN and the way the city is, there is no problem for finding a flat to share.

Same for Plasencia and Mérida campuses.

For more possibilities and searchs, you can go to these webs where different groups and advertisements can help you out for any of the four campuses:

Please, do not forget to have a look at Info 12, where you can also get an idea of life expenses in Extremadura.