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Secretariat of International Relations



Mª DEL MAR GUERRERO MANZANO is a Full Professor of the University School and PhD in Economy and Business. She reports to the Area of Quantitative Methods Knowledge Area for Economy and Business of the Department of Economy. She took office as Director of International Relations of the University of Extremadura on October 18, 2007.

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The Secretariat of International Relations at the University of Extremadura was created in the academic year 1989/1990.

  • It sets, channels, consolidates and promotes relations of the University of Extremadura with Higher Education Institutions and national and international agencies.
  • It promotes the development in UEx of interuniversity cooperation and mobility programmes, by promoting the participation of students, teaching and research staff and administrative staff and services of our University in such programmes.
  • Development of actions aimed at improving the international image of the University of Extremadura and the development and implementation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).



The Secretariat of International Relations coordinates all efforts of cooperation and collaboration between universities in the field of education and training. Some of the functions performed are:

    • Design and coordination of projects
    • Partner Search
    • Technical advice to university students interested in the different projects
    • Search for funding for project implementation.
    • Establishing agreements and bilateral agreements with Higher Education Institutions that facilitate the implementation of activities under different programs.
    • Development, dissemination and resolution of the calls.
    • Organization of the mobility of students, faculty and Administrative and Services Staff of the University of Extremadura participating in the Inter-University Cooperation and Mobility Programmes.
    • Organization of stay for students, teachers and officials from other universities that develop in the  stays at the UEx.
    • Financial management of activities and projects.
    • Preparation of technical and financial reports.


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