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Inspection Service

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Profesor Titular de Derecho Financiero y Tributario, es Doctor por la Universidad de Alcalá, habiendo prestado igualmente servicio en la Universidad de León. Desde septiembre de 2008 pertenece a la Universidad de Extremadura, estando integrado como Profesor Titular en el Departamento de Derecho Público de la Facultad de Derecho de Cáceres. Nombrado Director del Servicio de Inspección por Resolución Rectoral nº 1115/2009 de 30 de octubre de 2009.


Service Deputy



Constitutional Law Professor of University of Extremadura. Appointed Inspection Service Deputy by Chancellor’s Resolution No. 383/2009 dated March 30, 2009.


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Edificio Rectorado
Avda. de Elvas, s/n
06071 Badajoz

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Telephone: 924 289300  Ext.: 86800 y 86717
Fax: 924 289695


Mª del Pilar Lagar Barbosa


Historic overview


The Inspection Service of the University of Extremadura is created by agreement of the Social Council Plenum on February 27, 1992, upon proposal by the Governing Board, approved by Agreement dated January 30, 1992.

This Service is expressly provided for in the existing Statutes of the University within the framework of the support provided by the Services to teaching and research (article 40e).

The Performance Rules, approved by the Agreement of the Governing Board on December 17, 1992, govern the operation of said Service.



  • At the beginning of each academic year, the Service submits an Annual Action Plan to the Chancellor so that, after consultation with the Governing Board, he agrees, if appropriate, its approval.
    Overall, the purpose of such program is to “verify the proper operation of the services and units that belong to the University of Extremadura”, as set forth in art. 3.2 at the end of said Rules.
  • In a broader framework of objectives, the Service intends to take measures aimed at achieving not only the exact fulfilment of the academic term and the actual delivery of scheduled classes, as well as full compliance by teachers with tutorial and healthcare tasks to the student, but also the correct rendering of the services entrusted to the various university units and premises, so that students stay at the University is as fruitful as possible from the point of view of their education.
  • Although the Plan is made to coincide with the Academic Calendar of the course, extraordinary inspections may be conducted outside the annual program as deemed appropriate in accordance with the provisions of art.3.3 of said Rules.
  • In short, certain instruments are set so that all the members of the University staff can realize the idea that the public service provided by the university should be as effective as possible and that all members of the university community must contribute to the gradual improvement of quality in all aspects.
  • A Report that sets forth the activities and operation of the Inspection is submitted to the Governing Board on an annual basis.
    This Report includes, on one hand, a summary of the proceedings that have been carried out in compliance with the Inspection Service Action Plan for the previous academic year, and on the other, the reports, reserved information and disciplinary records entrusted by the Honourable Mr. Chancellor to this Service during said year.


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