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Legal Services

Counsel - Chief





D. ANDRÉS CARBALLO EXPÓSITO, Bachelor of Laws and degree in Philosophy and Arts from the University of Extremadura and Career Officer of UEx Technical Management Scale.




Address in Cáceres:
Gabinete Jurídico

Edificio de Rectorado
Plaza de Caldereros, 2
10071 - Cáceres

Telephone: 927 - 257008
927 - 257032
Address in Badajoz:
Gabinete Jurídico

Edificio de Rectorado
Avenida de Elvas, s/n
06071 - Badajoz

Telephone: 924 - 289319
Fax: 924 - 289314




The UEx Law Department has been entrusted with the legal assistance to the university administration, as well as its representation and procedural defence.




  • Contentious functions: defence and representation of the UEx in all types of procedures before of courts of any type, degree and jurisdiction.
  • Advisory function, through the issuance of mandatory or non-mandatory legal reports.
  • Other functions:
      1. Recognition of powers of attorney.
      2. Mandatory assistance to university bodies:
        • UEX Board of Elections
        • Recruitment Tables
        • Safety and Health Committee


Reporting Steering Body