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Guidance and Teacher Training Service



Degree in Economics and Business from University of Sevilla. Doctor in Economics and Business from University of Extremadura. University Full Professor of the Financial Economy and Accounting knowledge area, attached to the Department of Financial Economy and Accounting. She took office on October 18, 2007 as the Guidance and Teacher Training Service Director.


Address in Badajoz


Campus Universitario
Edificio Juan Remón Camacho
Avda. de Elvas, s/n 06071 Badajoz
Telephone: 924 289311 Fax: 924 273904


Address in Cáceres


Edificio Palacio de la Generala,
Plaza de Caldereros, 2
10071 Cáceres
Telephone: 927 257044 Fax: 927 257046

Facultad de Formación del Profesorado,
Torre 1 planta 1ª
Campus Universitario, 10071 Cáceres
Telephone: 927 257049 ext. 1152


Historic overview


Following the example of other Spanish and European universities, on October 22, 2004 the Governing Council created the Guidance and Teacher Training Service, with the main aim at promoting the transformation process that the University of Extremadura must carry out through 2010, as well as other training, counselling and educational activities. The two offices of the Guidance Service, one in Badajoz and the other one in Cáceres, are located in the same physical space that was used by the now defunct Institute of Education Sciences (ICE).




  • Collaborate in the dissemination of UEx degree courses, as well as in the guidance of students from High School until they finish their university studies.
  • Facilitate counselling and training of teachers, with special emphasis on preparing them for the European convergence and implementation of information and communication technologies.


Reporting Vicerectorate