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Info 7. Language Requirements and Spanish Language Course for Exchange students

Most lessons at UEx are in Spanish (it´s around 500 millions of people speaking it around the world!!) and although we will not ask you for any specific certificate or test to be taken upon arrival, it is strongly advisable that, by the time you come here, you have a B1 level-minimum, both for the lessons and for your everyday life in Extremadura.

Most faculties will go with a recommended B1 of Spanish and/or English. Please, check Info 9.


Important!! Language Requirements

Students coming to:
Students nominated for Medicine Faculty (Badajoz campus)
Students nominated for Nursing and Occupational Therapy (Cáceres campus)
Students nominated for Mérida and Plasencia centres.

are requested to send a certificate of Spanish language, level B1, together with their learning agreement. The Erasmus+ OLS (Online Linguistic Support) test results are not accepted. Any other, though, will do.

It will always be subjected to the UEx academic coordinator requests.

The UEx offers a Spanish Language Course for Erasmus+ Incoming students. You have more info below:

Spanish Language Course for Exchange Students:


2 semesters (divided)


4 ECTS/semester


Yes, as long as your home university allows so. If that is the case, you have to put it in your learning agreement/study proposal.

It has no code.


If you pass it, you will get a certificate that you will have to personally pick up.

This certificate is different and apart from the Transcript of Records.

It does not appear on your transcript of records, the separate certificate will do.


You will have to pay an administrative  fee and you will be told about all the procedure after your arrival at the UEx.


More information can be found on our Factsheet (for nomination and for bilaterals).