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Board of Directors


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Mr. Rodrigo A. Pinzón Díaz


    • To act as the legal representative of the Centre's Council.
    • To declare the constitution of the Centre's Council, convene and preside over it.
    • To inform the Plenary of the agreements adopted by the committees.
    • To present at the end of each fiscal year the annual report, with the proposal of distribution of the budget assigned to the Center and the rendering of accounts of the application of said budget.
    • To propose to the Rector, after hearing the Centre's Council, the appointments of Assistant Directors and Academic Secretary from among the professors with permanent link to the University of Extremadura assigned to the Center.
    • To execute the agreements of the Centre's Council and those adopted by the governing bodies of the University, as far as the Center is concerned.
    • To direct the economic and administrative management of the Center, determining the needs of the service, and submitting to the agreements adopted by the Centre's Council.
    • To authorize the acts of general, particular, ordinary and extraordinary character that are to be celebrated in the Center.
    • To ensure the proper use of the means and facilities of the Center, as well as coordinate the use of them.
    • To ensure the proper fulfillment of the obligations that pertain to the staff of the Center, as well as guarantee the effectiveness of their rights as members thereof.




      Assistant Director of Teaching and Academic Management


      Ms. Desirée Rodríguez Robles



      • Headship of studies.
      • Class schedule.
      • Exam calendars.
      • Control of class attendance of teachers.
      • Control of the Teaching Organization Plan.
      • Support for Infrastructures and equipment.
      • Support for economic management.
      • The functions delegated by the Director.


      Assistant Director of Research and Teaching Support

      Mr. Alberto Martín González



      • Research programs.
      • Scientific culture.
      • Teaching evaluation.
      • Management and organization of the End of Studies Works.
      • Safety, occupational health and the environment.
      • Teaching support.
      • Library.
      • The functions delegated by the Director.


        Assistant Director of Students, Institutional and International Relations

        Mr. Francisco Pérez Nevado



        • Management of external practices in companies.
        • Catchment of new companies for practices.
        • Monitoring and control of School agreements with other entities.
        • Internationalization.
        • Scholarships and grants.
        • Virtual job bank.
        • Student Orientation Plan.
        • Management of mobility programs.
        • Attracting new Universities for mobility.
        • The functions delegated by the Director.


          Assistant Director Director of Cultural Extension and Responsible for the Agricultural Exploitation of the Center


          Mr. Ángel Albarrán Liso



          • Management of practice fields.
          • Management of the crops implanted in the EIA fields.
          • Management of the irrigation system.
          • Management of the green spaces of the Center.
          • Treatments of the trees of the School.
          • School vehicles and machinery.
          • Cultural extension (courses, congresses, etc.).
          • Dissemination of the qualifications.
          • The functions delegated by the Director.


            Academic Secretary


            Mr. José Luis Guijarro Merelles



            • Secretariat of the Center.
            • To assist the Director and perform the functions that he entrusts.
            • Recording of the proceedings of the Center's Council
            • To act as depository of the minutes of meetings of the Center's Council and to issue the certifications of the agreements that appear in the indicated minutes.
            • Issue academic certificates and process transfers of expedients, matriculations and other functions of a similar nature.
            • Custody of documents.
            • Infrastructure and equipment management.
            • Economic management.


              Responsible for the Internal Quality Assurance System (SAIC) of the Center


              Ms. Alicia Rodriguez Jiménez



              • SAIC and Center Quality Manual: implementation, monitoring, review and reporting.
              • To ensure the results of the necessary processes, procedures and improvement actions of the SAIC and quality reports.
              • To be the interlocutor of the Center with the Governance Bodies of the University in quality related matters.
              • Coordination of the work of the Academic Quality Commissions of the Center.
              • Coordination of the work to obtain ANECA accreditations.
              • To supervise the quality reports of the Center carried out by the Academic Quality Commissions.
              • To inform the different interest groups.